Christmas Shopping Season Opens, Yemeni Children to Get American Bombs (Again)

So-called “Real” Story: A Call For A Cease-Fire In Yemen Makes News. Its Catastrophe Doesn’t

God Bows to Public Pressure, Ends Active Shooter Program

So-called “Real” Story: We Pittsburgh Jews Don’t Want Your Thoughts and Prayers

NRA Defends Americans’ Second Amendment Right to Jew-Seeking Bullets

So-called “Real” Story: Pittsburgh synagogue shooting: Documents detail massacre and name the dead – The Washington Post

Microsoft SkyNet Poised to Become Self-Aware

So-called “Real” Story: Microsoft Says It Will Sell Pentagon Artificial Intelligence and Other Advanced Technology

Libtards Provoke Innocent Patriot Into Bombing Them

So-called “Real” Story:

White House Releases Proof of Hardened Criminals in Migrant Caravan

Original Story: The Latest: Trump: Migrants Headed to US Hardened Criminals | Arizona News | US News

George Soros Murders Journalist, Frames Saudis

So-called “Real” Story: Jamal Khashoggi: Saudi journalist ‘cut up with bone saw in Pulp Fiction murder at consulate in Istanbul’

Trump Announces Space Force

Trump Expands Hostility, Violence Into New Markets

Trump Announces Space Force

So-called “Real” Story: Trump announces new military Space Force

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